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Seeking Knowledge About Cell Phones? You Need To Read This Article!

A cell phone purchase is a must today. However, many people lack the information they need to do it well. Read through these tips so that you can wind up with a nice phone you know how to use. When shopping for a cell phone, consider the features that you really need. Phones offer a […]


New clues to why disability strikes people with multiple sclerosis

A new study may help explain why people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience worsening disability while those with two related diseases do not. MS causes permanent brain and spinal cord scarring, and researchers investigated whether the same damage accompanies two rarer, similar diseases in which the immune system also attacks the central nervous system. The […]


American dental association pushes for dental coverage under medicaid

Dental care should be a required part of Medicaid coverage for adults in every state, the American Dental Association and nearly 130 other organizations urge in a letter to Congress. The groups called on lawmakers to support and advance a bill called the Medicaid Dental Benefit Act. “Poor oral health hurts more than our mouths,” […]


1.69 million deaths attributed to extreme temperatures in 2019

Acute heat and cold exposure can increase mortality risk for multiple causes of death, with cold-attributable mortality exceeding heat-attributable mortality, according to a study published in the Aug. 21 issue of The Lancet. Katrin G. Burkart, Ph.D., from the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues linked deaths to daily temperature estimates, modeled cause-specific relative […]


Workplace mistreatment reported frequently by emergency medicine residents

Emergency medicine (EM) residents often report workplace mistreatment, with patients and/or patients’ families a frequent source of mistreatment, according to a study published online Aug. 19 in JAMA Network Open. Michelle D. Lall, M.D., from Emory University in Atlanta, and colleagues examined the prevalence, types, and sources of perceived workplace mistreatment during training among EM […]


FDA: Stop using Eco-Med ultrasound gels, lotions

Health care providers and facilities should immediately stop using and discard all ultrasound gels and lotions manufactured by Eco-Med Pharmaceutical Inc. due to a risk for bacterial contamination, according to a letter to health care providers published online Aug. 18 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Health care providers, health care facility risk managers, […]


A model to predict non-small cell lung cancer patient outcomes to immunotherapy

Immunotherapy agents that inhibit the molecules PD1, PD-L1 or CTLA-4 have become widely used in clinical practice to treat non-small cell lung cancer, or NSCLC. Approximately 20% to 50% of advanced NSCLC patients have strong responses to immunotherapy and show prolonged survival, but the remaining patients often have poor responses. There is an urgent need […]


Lanadelumab in hereditary angioedema: Added benefit not proven

The monoclonal antibody lanadelumab has been approved in Europe since 2015 as a long-term prophylaxis to prevent attacks of hereditary angioedema. Since this is a rare disease, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) initially had to assume an added benefit by law—without comparison with a treatment alternative. Now the drug has exceeded the annual turnover threshold […]