Volition will reveal brand new Saints Row game this week at Gamescom

It’s been just over two years since we learned Volition was developing a new Saints Row game. Very little has come from the tight-lipped studio since then, but that should change during the opening night of Gamescom. The developer has decided that it is ready to reveal the newest title in the irreverent antihero franchise.

On Friday, Geoff Keighley tweeted that Volition will have a live reveal of the next game in the Saints Row franchise during the opening night of Gamescom this Wednesday. We first learned the developer was working on a new Saints Row game in 2019 when an earnings report revealed a project was already “deep in development.”

Last year Volition announced it was doing a remaster for Saint Row: The Third. In a tweet on Friday, the developer confirmed that the upcoming reveal is for a new game and not just a remake or remaster. Some fans would not mind seeing a remake of the first two games. However, the developers replied saying, “It’s not in our plans.”

Others are just glad that something is in the works. The last time we saw anything from the series was in 2015 with the standalone expansion of Saints Row 4, “Gat Out of Hell.” There was also Agents of Mayhem in 2017, which was a spinoff loosely connected to the Saints Row universe, but it only achieved a lukewarm reception.

Obviously, details for Saints Row V, or whatever Volition ends up calling it, are scarce. The Saints Row website has been updated with an image of a graffiti adorned wall featuring the fleur-de-lis logo and the word “rebooting.” The imagery has fans speculating the game will be set in the American Southwest.

The mural’s artist Danzzig tweeted, “Seeing all the [Saints Row] graffiti wall conspiracy theories kicking around has literally made the whole project worth it.”

Presumably, we will get at least a few more details during the reveal on Wednesday. Fans can also subscribe to Volition’s newsletter via the Saints Row website to keep apprised of the game’s progress.